2024-01-13 January 13, 2024

The Conservation Working Committee of the Bon Sheng Hui
of the Federation of Teochew Societies and Deyi Culture successfully organized the "Historical Investigation Tour to Wo Hop Shek and Shaling Teochew Cemeteries" on January 13, 2024 (Saturday).


In 1924, Chiu Chow industrial and commercial groups living in Hong Kong jointly established the Chicken Coop around Chiu Chow Yishan, so that the deceased fellow villagers could be buried together in the same place, and relatives and friends from the same hometown could easily take care of them according to their hometown friendship. Teochew Yishan has been moved three times to the Teochew Cemetery in Shaling, Woheshan. The Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce’s Yishan Spring Festival has a long history, and other Chiu Chow associations regularly go there to pay homage every year. Chaozhou people set up lotus tablets for their ancestors in Yishan. The Ullan Buddhist Society goes there every year to chant sutras and repent, which fully reflects the care of the Chaozhou folks for their fellow brothers in life and death.